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1- Beam Design. 2- Column Design. 3- Slab Design. 4- Grid Floor Analysis & Design. 5- Staircase Design. 6- Combined Footing. 7- Dome Design. 8- Isolated Footing. 9- 3 Hinged Arch Design. 10- Circular Beam. 11- Slender Column. 12- Bi-Axial Column. 13- Deflection Calculation. 14- Design Of Retaining Wall. 15- Design Of L Shaped Cantilever ...

StructurePoint, formerly the PCA Engineering Software Group, offers concrete design software programs updated to ACI 318-14 for concrete buildings, concrete structures and concrete tanks. Reinforced concrete structural software includes programs for column design (pcaColumn), beam design (pcaBeam), slab design (pcaSlab), wall design (pcaWall), mat design (pcaMats), foundation …

Chapter 9: Column Analysis and Design Introduction Columns are usually considered as vertical structural elements, but they can be positioned in any orientation (e.g. diagonal and horizontal compression elements in a truss). Columns are used as major elements in trusses, building frames, and sub-structure supports for bridges (e.g. piers).

Concrete Column Masonry Column Concrete Shear Wall Masonry Shear Wall Retaining Wall NEW! Free Academic currently has 14+ unique design modules. Take advantage of 70+ load combinations (ASD and LRFD), up to 10-span beam and joist analysis with triaxial loading, with 6+ building code options available.

Files > Download Best Concrete Design EXCEL Spreadsheet - CivilEngineeringBible.com (FREE!) This spreadsheet consists of many segments regarding RCC aspects as described below: Beam Design ( Flexural design, Serviceability, Shear design) Column Design. Slab Design.

ColumnBase is integrated software for analysis and design of column-base connections using three-dimensional finite element modeling. ConCrete (Plus) Version:8.21 · Hit:181 Designing Continuous Beams in Reinforced Concrete

It Works at the Following Column Graphs It is easy to design simple column graph, clustered column, 3d clustered column, stacked column, 3d stacked column, stacked cylinder, stacked column, 3d stacked column, single column graph and more. Column chart shows data changes over a period of time or illustrates comparisons among items.

Example: Design of RCC column as per is 456 square short column subjected to axial services compressive load of 600 KN. The concrete used is M -20 and Steel Fe – 500. Draw reinforcement details.

Structural Members, Beam and Column Design. Beams and columns are among the most important structural members and when designing them, you need speed and reliability to meet tight deadlines and changing demands. Tedds supports early design decisions by automating repetitive calculations in the face of complex situations and rigorous requirements.

File Size:2.19 . Runs on: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP. Packed Column Calculator v.2.1. PackCol performs hydraulic designs for new packed columns or rating calculations for existing columns and towers. The design basis can be approach to flood, maximum capacity or pressure drop.

Download Concrete Column Design for free. Concrete Column Design - Concrete Design Software, like all Digital Canal software provides the quickest and most complete solution to your engineering design problems. This concrete design software will design or check concrete columns for axial tension, compression and biaxial moments.

Column Design Slab Design Grid Floor Analysis & Design Staircase Design Combined Footing Isolated Footing Dome Design 3 Hinged Arch Design Circular Beam Slender Column Bi-Axial Column Deflection Calculation DESIGN OF RETAINING WALL DESIGN OF L Shaped Cantilever RETAINING WALL DESIGN OF Reverse L Shaped Cantilever RETAINING WALL Design Constants ...

DESIGN OF AXIALLY LOADED COLUMNS 2.0 HISTORICAL REVIEW Based on the studies of Ayrton & Perry (1886), the British Codes had traditionally based the column strength curve on the following equation. (fy −σc) ( σe −σc) =η⋅σe ⋅σc (1) where fy = yield stress σc = compressive strength of the column obtained from the positive root of the

Ftool is a free frame analysis software through which you can also analyze beams. A frame is basically a combination of a column and a beam that gives strength to the whole structure.Using this two-dimensional frame analysis software, you can analyze axial force, shear force, bending moment, and other analysis parameters of a beam under different loads.

ColumnBase Description. ColumnBase is integrated software for analysis and design of column-base connections using three-dimensional finite element modeling. In steel structures, column-base connections play an important role in transferring loads to the foundation. Due to the complex interactions between various parts of the connection such as ...

Balloon Column Design Create your own digital balloon column in less than one minute. Select your colour combination use a 4 balloon per layer or 5 balloon per layer column, you can even add a 11″ / 16″ / 3ft topper and follow the stock order and production guide for easy construction.

WoodWorks® Software For Wood Design. Use Wood Works® to quickly design components of light-frame and mass timber structures. Conforms to IBC, ASCE 7, NDS and SPDWS. Wood Works® offer three programs: Sizer – For beam, joist, columns, wall stud and CLT design. Shearwalls – For wood and gypsum board sheathed walls.

Download CSI Column software to analysis and design of short and long columns under loading condition.

Rcc Column Design software, free download. software. This is a very useful spreadsheet for designing reinforced concrete columns (braced, unbraced, slender, short, pinned, fixed etc). This together with the beam design spreadsheet is a fundamental tool for reinforced concrete designers. It makes column design a very simple task.

Design of Slab(Two Way) Excel Sheet. Concrete Mix Design Excel Sheet. Design of stair case with central stringer beam. Check List for Block / Brick work. RCC Dog-legged Staircase design Excel Sheet. Daily work report Excel Sheet. Sample Detailed Estimate Excel Sheet. REINFORCED FLAT SLAB DESIGN EXCEL SHEET. Rectangular Column Calculations ...

Structural members are transferable to the beam or column design mode for detailed analysis. Design Structural Members (Beam & Column Mode) Designs components including multi-span, cantilevered, and inclined beams and joists, columns, wall studs, beam …

PcaColumn is for the design and investigation of reinforced concrete sections subject to axial and flexural loads. The section can be rectangular, round or irregular, with any reinforcement layout or pattern. Slenderness effects can be considered.

The CivilWeb Reinforced Concrete Column Design Excel Sheet Suite includes all the tools required for the design of any reinforced concrete column. The suite includes three spreadsheets covering uniaxial loads, biaxial loads and circular columns. The spreadsheet completes all the calculations in accordance with BS EN 1992.

StoneC is an easy to use vibro replacement design software (stone columns). Vibro replacement is an accepted method for subsoil improvement, that is achieved with the installation of large columns of coarse backfill material in the ground, using special vibrators. StoneC was tested for accuracy by The Vibroflotation Group and was found to ...

ASDIP CONCRETE is a structural engineering software utilized by engineers for reinforced concrete design of members, such as biaxial columns, continuous beams, and out-of-plane bearing walls.. This structural concrete design software is based on the latest ACI 318 and TMS 402 provisions. Load combinations as per ASCE 7.

Steel column design and checking. If you've grasped how beam design is tackled, you will have no problems with steel columns and timber posts and studs - the concepts are identical. EuroBeam's steel column design dialog has three pages, one each for loads, steel design parameters and base plate sizing.

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This demo design sheet covers all types of anchors design including newly added adhesive anchors per lastest ACI 318-11 Appendix D. Features include auto-generation of calculations and graphics of each failure mode. It's very powerful yet extremely easy to use. Sign up a free account per direction to gain full access. 2018 07: ANCHORBOLT(318_08)

Composite Column Design Software Efficient Elements for presentations v.1.4.15 Efficient Elements for presentations is an Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint that helps you create more professional presentations in less time.

Structural Design software - over 190 building design spreadsheets. Steel, concrete, masonry and timber design, foundations, walls, beams, columns, lateral analysis, etc. (too many to list) Beams and columns: Continuous Beam Analysis - Educational site with in-depth discussions of all aspects of continuous beam analysis BeamPro - Beam static ...