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Concrete vs. Pavers Cost: Which Is Cheaper? When it comes to comparing pavers and concrete, many homeowners are taking overall cost into full consideration. As you might expect, the precise cost of a large pavement made from concrete or pavers will depend on the size of said area.

Equipment costs anywhere between $55 and $80. The total cost to install pavers for a 120-square foot area will cost between $1,310 and $1,770. If you pour a concrete slab over a 120-square foot area of land, you are looking at a cost of $210 to $250 for the concrete. Labor will cost between $540 and $650.

How much do large pavers cost? Paver Patio Cost. For large or complex jobs that include additional prep work or artistic designs, you might pay $10,000 or more. Expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $25 per square foot although high end stone installs can hit almost $50 per square foot. Click to see full answer.

CONCRETE PAVERS. Available in a range of colours and shapes, Concrete pavers are versatile options for outdoor spaces. Concrete pavers come in a large variety of shapes and colors to meet any specific architechural or beautification needs. They are beautiful, low cost and low maintenance, which is why they are so popular.

For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install Pavers starts at $17.26 - $22.51 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased.

44. Square 16-in L x 16-in W x 2-in H Patio Stone. Model # 104801256. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 9. Pavestone. Holland 60mm Paver 8-in L x 4-in W x 2.25-in H Concrete Interlocking Paver…

Before we get into the cost discussion, let's first walk through the differences between poured concrete and concrete pavers. Poured concrete slabs are large concrete surfaces that are poured as wet concrete mixes onsite and left to cure as a single slab. They are one of the most common methods for constructing concrete driveways.

The concrete pavers cost is cheaper than that of other products, but future maintenance costs should be considered. This is a reasonable price, particularly when compared to the price of Natural Stone Pavers; however future maintenance costs must be considered. They can …

ADA Red Pavers                $1.10 each  $528.00 per pallet   4" x 8" x 6cm (approximately 2 3/8") thick    480 pieces per pallet  Approximately 4.5 pieces per square foot. 103 square feet per pallet. Weight - 6.25 lb. each. Pallet Weight - 3000     All prices …

But between concrete and pavers, go for driveway pavers, which can handle more weight than concrete—but expect them to pay as much as $10,000-$20,000 when all is said and done. Asphalt driveways cost $1,200-$2,800 and while they need to be replaced every 20 years, are designed to handle extreme heat and extreme cold.

Our large format concrete pavers are especially popular for landscape architects and homeowners seeking to make a bold, contemporary statement with their paver patio. These big landscaping pavers come in various sizes — as large as 30″ x 30″ and as thick as 3″.

Tuscan Path 800 x 400 x 30mm Bluestone Paver. (2) $29 .98. Add To Cart. Compare. Brighton Masonry 400 x 400 x 40mm Charcoal Mypave Paver. (32) $7 .99. Add To Cart.

Reply michelle. We went through waaay more concrete than I initially imagined, about 12 bags, which was the bulk of the cost. In our rural area, things are always more expensive and I think a 90 lb bag was $6 each, but online at home depot, they are $3.65 each.

A permeable paver driveway ranges between $6,100 and $24,350 or $10 to $40 per square foot. They are typically concrete, brick or stone, but gaps between the surface along with a porous gravel base underneath allow the space to absorb large amounts of rain. Permeable pavers …

Color Ideas for Large Pavers. Without a doubt, large-scale pavers will make your color choices stand out more boldly. With our handcrafted concrete pavers, you can easily mimic the look of travertine, slate, flagstone bluestone, and other natural stone types, but in a much more cost-effective manner.

The price we will use for the standard pavers for the guide, based on the above, is $3.23 per square foot with the amount of waste at 10%. Total pavers (including waste) 1,000 sq ft + 10% waste. 1,100 sq ft of pavers. Pavers cost (before taxes) 1,100 sq ft x $3.23/sq ft. $3,553.00.

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SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Concrete & Masonry Penetrating Sealer & Waterproofer, 1 Gallon, Low VOC, Water-based wtih Polyurethane - Protect driveways, patios, stamped concrete, bricks & pavers…

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Concrete & Metal Productskeyboard_arrow_right; Concrete & Metal Productskeyboard_arrow_right; Doors; Farm Fence & Gate; Insulation; Panels & Wallboardskeyboard_arrow_right; Panels & Wallboardskeyboard_arrow_right; Papers, Foils & Polythene; Roofing, Skylights & …

Concrete is a substance that needs to be properly taken care of. Whether there is installation, replacement, or repair services required, the team to trust for this sort of work is ours. Here at Boca Raton Pavers, we have been able to enhance the quality of our worth through diligent refinement processes, and we are prepared to offer you solutions that are dependable.

Large Format White Concrete Pavers. Another design tip to consider: Why not combine the widespread use of white concrete pavers with the design trend of oversized pavers?. Large-format white pavers can be used in most of the design patterns mentioned above while adding a sense of space and drama.

Stone Pavers. R 30. Cape paving is a proud supplier of cobbles, Cobblestone, courtyard pavers, driveway pavers, patio paving, garden stepping stone, Pool copings, Cement Pavers and concrete paving slabs. Our prices are the most affordable in the market and our quality is the highest. Cape Paving has been established in Cape Town for over 10 years.

And because our concrete pavers and paving stones are guaranteed for the life of your home, you can rest assured that your new outdoor space will stand the test of time. View 2021's Outdoor Living Trends. Express Your Own Personal Style With Limitless Concrete Paver Patterns & Paving Stone Colors.

Speckled Light Charcoal. 400 x 400 x 40 mm. Pavers and Bullnoses are available in this new range in the following colour and size: Charcoal. 400 x 270 x 40 mm. NOTE: Currently, we are out of concrete pavers. We will keep you updated when the new shipment arrives. CALL US NOW for further enquiries (03) 9248 2400. Colours.

The average cost of installing concrete pavers on this size of a driveway would be approximately $ 15,000-$ 25,000 dollars. The increase in price is because we are dealing with an overall larger square footage, more base and sand to prep and a larger quantity of pavers to install. On average most of the driveway installations that we do see ...

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• 1 large paver replaces 30-40 small, machine-made pavers • Clean Lines • Grand Scale • Contemporary • Timeless. 4 12" x 36" 12" x 48" 12" x ... • ASTM C33–Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates • ASTM C39–Concrete Compressive Strength • ASTM C150–Standard Specification for Portland Cement • ASTM C642–Water ...

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Step 5: Leave approximately ½ inch of space between each paver. If you are using irregularly shaped pavers, you can fill larger gaps with small stones that won't shift. Step 6: Once the pavers are all placed, use a plate compactor to tamp the pavers into the sand. Step 7: Dump stone dust on top of the pavers once they are in place and use a ...

The concrete pavers cost is cheaper than that of other products, but future maintenance costs should be considered. This is a reasonable price, particularly when compared to the price of Natural Stone Pavers; however future maintenance costs must be considered. They can …

You Save $0.27 each ($0.33 /sq.ft) with Mail-In Rebate. More Information. Sold in Stores. Click here to go to. Stomp Stone 12 x 12 Rubber Patio Block. detail page. Stomp Stone 12 x 12 Rubber Patio Block. Click to add item "Stomp Stone 12 x 12 Rubber Patio Block" to the compare list. Compare.

The best-rated product in Concrete Pavers is the Holland 45 mm 7.87 in. L x 3.94 in. W x 1.77 in. H Rivertown Blend Concrete Paver ( 672-Piece/145 sq. ft./Pallet). Can Concrete Pavers be returned? Yes, Concrete Pavers can be returned and have a 90-Day return period.