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STEEP ROCK IRON MINES LTD reports earnings for Qtr to Sept 30

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Port Arthur Shipbuilding

Port Arthur Shipbuilding, Thunder Bay ON. Western Dry Dock was established in 1909 by James Whalen and the American Ship Building Company. It changed its name to Port Arthur Shipbuilding, (PASCO), in 1916, when it was acquired by Mr. Whalen. It was sold to Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering in 1987, closed in 1993, reopened as a repair yard ...

Following this discovery sporadic efforts were made to develop the Steep Rock iron ore potential. Steep Rock Iron Mines. In 1902 Willett Miller, Ontario's chief geologist, recommended that the bottom of Steep Rock Lake be examined, but a subsequent search was not successful.

File - C.37 Chimo Gold Mines Ltd: Lac Perdu Area, Quebec 1959 File - C.38 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company: Iron Ore Reserves 1977 File - C.39 Cliffs of Canada Ltd: Beulah Iron Mines 1958 File - C.40 Cliffs of Canada Ltd: Canware Syndicate 1952, 1956, 1969-1971 File - C.41 Cliffs of Canada Ltd: Present Values of Future Royalties Accuring to

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out, are under contract of sale dated March 11, 1957, by the Company to Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited of Steep Rock Lake, Ontario. The purchase price is |134,500.00 payable? 2,000.00 as ah initial payment 7,500.00 on or before February 15, 1958 12,500.00 on or before February 15, 1959

In addition the Ontario Department of Mines reports that Steep Rock ore is particularly suited to steel making. Ordinarily steel is made in open-hearth furnaces, using 50% pig iron and 50% scrap metal. But Steep Rock ore can make steel in a proportion of 72% pig iron to 28% scrap.

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Steep Rock-Index Pages

Steep Rock Echo [newsletter] 105 Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited 19, 24, 25, 170 Steep Rock Iron Range 11 Steep Rock Lake 50, 62, 100 Steerola Exploration Company Limited 15, 19, 25, 135 Stobie, James 22 Strawhat Lake 10, 123 Sub Terra Company 100 Sudbury Basin 168 Sudbury Basin Mines Limited 23, 168, 170

Donald MacDonald Hogarth (1878 – 1950) – Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. August 17, 2018 by Info in 1996. Although best known as one of Canada's prominent mine financiers and developers, Donald Hogarth's career includes a long list of achievements in politics, wartime military service, and other business interests.

The above story and quotations are taken from the September and October 1950 edition of the Steep Rock Echo, a monthly periodical issued to employees of Steep Rock Iron Mines. (For a full rendition of the sighting please view the Steep Rock Echo pages found at the bottom of this blog post.)

Quote from speech given by Joseph L. Block, Chairman, Inland Steel Co at the dedication of the new iron ore mine of Caland Ore Co. Ltd, at Steep Rock Lake, May 30, 1960. "When I was in Canada as a vacationing tourist in 1947, I was delighted to get five cents back in change every time I exchanged one of my American dollars for one of your ...

Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited [1962]. 9. Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited. 10. Stratmat Limited [1956]. 11. Wicheruk, M. (Elizabeth Mine), ... Geological Survey of Canada, Map 266A, 2nd Edi tion, 1939. Ontario Department of Mines. Map 48a, Atikokan Area, 1940 Map 2065, Atikokan-Lakehead Sheet, Geological

MINE SITE UNSEEN. Geophysics, science of the doodlebug, scores a triumph in the realm of Canadian mining. FREDERICK EDWARDS. DURING last March Canadians interested in this country's heavy industries were deeply stirred by the official announcement of a discovery of high grade iron ore at …

Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine. TORONTO, Feb. 17 (Canadian Press) -- Steep Rock Iron Mines, Ltd., cleared $9,049,000, or $1.13 a share ...

1945, July 16 - Canadian National opens the high ore dock at Port Arthur whch was built to handle ore from the Steep Rock Iron Mines near Atikokan, ON. The first shipment left the dock on July 20 on the vessel Marquette.

rivalling that of Steep Rock Iron Mines. In 1976 Canadian Pacific Investments Limited purchased controlling interest in Steep Rock, though by then the mine was in its final years of production, as the ore body was rapidly depleting. The mine closed its doors for good in 1979. Scope and Content Series B 27/1/1-4. - microfilm. - 4 reels

The author reproduces an article about a sighting of July 2, 1950 as it was published in a factory and house magazine, The Steep Rock Echo, edited Mr. B. J. Eyton for the Steep Rock Iron Company, Ontario, Canada, of September 1950. "In the dusk of July 2, 1950, I and my wife had drawn up our boat on the sandy beach of a tiny cove in Sawbill ...

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Yukon -

duced in July, 1939. The high-grade deposits being worked by the Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited, 135 miles west of Port Arthur, Ont., and the more recent discoveries of large deposits of iron ore in the Quebec-Labrador Boundary region have greatly raised the potentialities of Canada as a producer of iron ore. In 1946 there were

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Atikokan - Wikipedia

In 1940, Rawn sold 109 claims located west of Steep Rock to Midwest Iron Mining Corporation, and in March of that year, with 60 claims in his name, created Rawn Iron Mines Ltd. Four months later, on July 23, Rawn went out prospecting near Sapawe, and never returned.

Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited was in operation from 1939 to 1979 at Steep Rock Lake, west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and was incorporated to extract high grade iron ore discovered below the lakebed. In 1938, Julian Cross, a mining engineer and prospector with the support of Joseph Errington, recognized as one of Canada's leading mine developers ...

He was the man who discovered iron ore at Steep Rock Lake. A photo from the archives of the Beacon Journal, stamped "June 18, 1953" on the back. Clearing clay, bottom of Steep Rock Lake, 1954. Presumably Steep Rock Iron Mines but could also be Caland. A photo from the archives of AP Newsfeatures, stamped "Jul 29, 1954" on the back.

in Canada. Mining at the Steep Rock Iron Mines commenced in 1944 and ceased in 1979, and during the life of the mine 88 million tons of iron ore was mined. In 1985 the mining company wished to abandon the mines and return the mining lease to the Province of Ontario (Crown). Prior to accepting the mining property,

Steep Rock The Men and the Mines by Bruce W. Taylor. Steep Rock, The Men and the Mines is a comprehensive history of the very exciting development of the Steep Rock iron deposits near Atikokan, Ontario. This second edition of the original published in 1978, provides an enduring account of this massive enterprise.

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The ~ 2800 Ma Mosher Carbonate Formation at Steep Rock Lake in south central Canada is one of Earth's oldest limestone deposits.It is both thick (up to 500 m) and relatively well-preserved, and was one of the first Precambrian successions to be noted for evidence of early life.It continues to provide information on the antiquity of such processes as photosynthesis.

Steep Rock Iron Mines Sending Men to Atikokan. A report from Atikokan is that men are being taken on there by Steep Rock Iron Mines, limited, for what is apparently preliminary work, including road construction, on the diversion of lake waters to facilitate open pit mining of the large ore bodies. These reports lack official confirmation.

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Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited was in operation from 1939 to 1979 at Steep Rock Lake, west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and was incorporated to extract high grade iron ore discovered below the lakebed. Click on the link(s) below for more information. Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited. Restrictions on Access

The ore was of a high grade, and was then thought to be in sufficient quantity to meet Canada's perceived iron ore needs indefinitely. Steep Rock Iron Mines Ltd. was incorporated in 1939 to develop and extract the ore from this site. The importance of the Steep Rock discovery was substantially increased at the outbreak of World War II.

The Caland and Steep Rock Iron Mines represent amazing feats of engineering and construction. Long before the days of computerized projections and simulations, engineers in the first half of the 20th century were able to accurately predict how moving 280 million cubic yards of water, silt and gravel would affect the area around what would be five of Canada's premier iron ore mines.

Steep, Rock Iron Mines Limited was incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario on February 24, 1939. It owned about 7000 acres in the Steep Rock Lake area of Ontario, containing large bodies of high grade iron ore. There were three large deposits of ore …

Steel Co. Of Canada Ltd. 1911-98: Name changed to STELCO INC. in June 1980. Steeloy Mining Corporation: 1946: Steep Rock Iron Mines Ltd. 1943, 1946-82: In April 1983 name changed to STEEP ROCK RESOURCES INC. Steep Rock Resources Inc. 1984-87: Formerly STEEP ROCK IRON MINES. Nov. 15, 1988 taken over by MAS MINERALS CORP. Steeplejack Industrial ...